My Mobile Upgrade (follow-up)

In part 1¬†1, I told you why I switched to Ting. Now I’ll tell you about my experience. I have nothing bad to say about Ting. They really are what every services company should strive to be. There are many great elements to Ting’s approach to providing wireless service. I’m just going to write about two of them: pricing and customer service.

Pricing. Ting has one¬†clear price structure. Ting charges for 4 things: activated lines, voice minutes, texts, and megabytes. The price per unit for each of these is listed clearly on their website. Ting bills $6/month per activated device. Ting applies a tiered price structure for minutes, texts, and data. Ting has structured their pricing so that each service gets cheaper (per unit) as you use more of it. All of the devices on an account contribute to the same buckets of texts, minutes, and data. Ting bills you at the end of the month for each line plus total usage on the account. That about covers the pricing structure. It’s simple, easy to understand, and easy to optimize.

Customer Service. Ting’s customer service is so pleasant I almost wish I had to use it more. I’ve had to work with them on two occasions. The first was about a month after I switched. The touchscreen on my phone quit working. I couldn’t call them, so I had to contact them via email. My timing wasn’t great, as their customer service isn’t (or at least wasn’t at the time) very active on weekends. When they did respond, I could tell that I was working with someone who 1) cared about my problem, 2) had the power to fix it, and 3) wanted to fix it. They sent me a few troubleshooting steps (just to confirm non-functionality). Within a day or two they had shipped me a replacement phone.

My second encounter occurred a few months ago. Somehow, Ting lost my credit card information and was unable to bill my account. I received an email one morning telling me that I would need to update my payment info within 24 hours or risk an interruption in service. I went online and reentered my info, but I wanted to be confident that the problem was actually resolved. I called Ting’s customer service line. A customer service rep picked up the phone within 3 rings. After I explained my problem, the rep confirmed my payment info and then billed my account just to make sure everything was correct. The call was over in less than 5 minutes, and the person who answered the phone was the one that fixed my problem. Oh, did I mention they were friendly and pleasant to talk to?

In short, I’m very satisfied with Ting and look forward to future interaction with them.

Oh, and if you’re thinking of signing up for Ting, please use this referral link:
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