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I’m finished

The last month and a half has been pretty intense. I wrote the majority of my masters thesis while at the same time TAing CS115 and working on several other miscellaneous things. I successfully defended my thesis on April 19 and the graduate school officially accepted my thesis this afternoon. I’m finished with my degree and with school in general, at least for the time being. I¬†should actually have time now to post here regularly.

I’ve got an internship this summer with SDGblue. I’m not sure precisely what I’ll be doing, but SDGblue provides IT and other services with a strength/focus in security and compliance. I think this work will be interesting and I’m looking forward to it. In my spare time, I will continue work on NodeScape and the web front-end I’ve been working on as part of my masters thesis.

Hello, World.

I think I’ll use this first post to talk a little bit about why I’m starting a blog. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but the catalyst was my recent shift into job-search mode. I’ll be finishing my degree this spring, so I’ve started polishing my resume and my interviewing skills. I decided I should establish a web presence apart from UK (I’ve had a static site on the College of Engineering’s web server for some time).

I really don’t know how much I’ll be writing, or exactly what I’ll be writing about. I hope to post several things about programming and the projects I’m working on. I’d also like to post some reviews of the tech products I use. I’ve got a ThinkPad, a Raspberry Pi, and a smartphone for starters (I’m really not happy with the term smartphone, I guess that’s a topic for a short post). I’ll probably also talk about the marching arts; I follow Drum Corps International pretty closely and I’ve been involved in the local high school marching circuit since 2003. I’m sure I’ll write about other things that don’t fit into either of these categories.