I’m Frank Roberts. I’m a Computer Engineer, and I’ve recently completed a masters in Computer Science at the University of Kentucky. I love programming and playing with computers. I believe Linux is the only operating system worth running. I buy in to the Unix philosophy for software design and C is my favorite programming language. I’m a CAD Engineer at Cypress Semiconductor and I’m still loosely affiliated with the Aggregate.org research group at UK.

When I’m not playing with computers, I’m usually working with the Boy Scouts or being a patron of the marching arts. I’m an Eagle Scout and an assistant scoutmaster in my troop. I try to actually go camping with the troop a couple of times a year, but my other commitments make that difficult. I’m an avid Drum Corps fan and I’ve managed to attend at least one DCI show every summer since 2007 (I was fortunate enough to be able to attend World Class Finals in 2008 and that was amazing). I marched four years in high school and another four at UK, and enjoyed every minute of it (well, almost every minute). I still work as a visual/brass instructor (I play trumpet, by the way) with my high school band program.

I am a Christian. I believe we were created to have a deep and personal relationship with God. I also believe God created mankind with free will, and that mankind chose to disobey God. God’s nature is such that he cannot tolerate disobedience, so he sent his son, Christ, to pay the penalty for our sin (death). As a result, God is able to offer us forgiveness for our sins. Anyone who accepts this gift may have a relationship with God and will be made like Christ: holy, pure, and a child of God. Everything we do should center around loving God and loving people.

The view I express on this blog are my own and do not represent the views of my Employer.